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Marie-Tepe-114th-PAThis is a figure project I’ve been working on for quite a while, it depicts Marie Tepe (also know as French Mary) a vivandière  who served with the 114th Pennsylvania during the American Civil War.

For more about French Mary these two articles give a brilliant background to this remarkable woman

Fearless French Mary – By Peter Cozzens

Marie Brose Tepe – Britta Arendt

The figure is sculpted in a mix of Super Sculpey and Fimo Professional. The sculpt has a long, long way to go before I am ready to take a cast from it (which became only to evident when I took the images for this blog post!). I’m about 80% into this figure and whilst I’m happy with the majority of the sculpt, there are certain areas that need urgent attention (especially the face, which although its measured from the original image it is way to broad, I will have to add more depth and make it look a hell of a lot more feminine!)

Marie-Tepe-relief-sculptureSo here is the rough sculpt, a few more weeks on it and I hope to have it nailed by the end of January. Apologies for the poor image, every angle I took a shot of it made it look squat (shortened) in the flesh its lot taller.

A happy New Year to everyone out there, I will update the sculpts progres very soon -Rich

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  1. Rich,
    It looks great so far. It is an amazing replica of the photo. I look forward to seeing it completed.

  2. Rich Odell

    Many thanks Steve, I’ve a long way to go with this sculpt before I am happy with it but its at the point now that I can start to see the finish post, a few weeks more and I can think about getting it ready to take a mould from it 🙂


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