Amy Gets Some Colour!

Pleased to say that the sales of the Amy Johnson bust surpassed expectations and I ended up producing a second run! Some castings are still available, but I will be halting further casting until a new mould is taken from the master . The third release will be in the New Year (so if you want one now, get in quick before the last of them disappear).

Feedback from customers has been great (thank you so much to all concerned for your kind comments 🙂 ). But best of all was seeing folks picking up the gauntlet and painting Amy as soon as they received the casting!

First to finish line was Graham Thompson…

Grahams - Amy Johnson

…follow closely with an another excellent paint job by Roger Newsome…

Rogers - Amy Johnson

…they both produced SBS posts on Planet Figure, links to which are below.

Graham – Rich Sculpts: Amy Johnson

Roger – Amy Johnson Works in progress 

Work is in progress on my next sculpt (yet another lady!) this time its a full figure relief, about the same size as the London Ambulance Column figure. Progress is about 50% at the moment, I will announce the subject when I know for certain that the sculpt is viable for moulding.

Many thanks to Roger and Graham for sharing they’re excellent work.  Another Amy is being painted by very well know figure artist as we speak – more details as I receive them?

If you have purchased an Amy casting and plan to paint it, please let me know when it is complete, I would love to add an image of it to a gallery of customers work planned for this website.

Lastly a big thank you to Steven Lloyd (flat tin figures) for his continual support and encouragement.

Regards to all


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  1. Rich, you should not be surprised “Amy” is doing so well. It is a beautiful piece! I look forward to seeing your next project. Is Davide Chiarabella still painting her as well?

    • Rich Odell

      Hi Steve – Davide has received the casting and I believe that he is in the process of painting it. I will post the image as soon as it is available.

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