The progress of the US Navy Yeoman figure has finally hit a wall. I’ve been struggling with this sculpt now since June and basically its not working for me.

Now I’m not one for giving up on a project (and this will not be permanently shelved) but I know when something is not jelling and this sculpt is a prime example of it!

Head - HatProgress since last posting is – that the face is all but finalised and the hat has been re-sculpted. Sadly though every time I approach the project its with a feeling of resentment at the lack of progress (that for me is not why I sculpt) so with regret this figure will go on the back-burner.

A last look at the full figure (for a while).

















Time I think to select a project that is going to inspire me – one that I will  go the distance with. Hopefully after that I will pick this figure back up and give it the justice it deserves.

As to the next project?

Not going to announce anything this time, I will simply let you know when I’m well on the way with it.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who have started following this, but it will be back on the bench in the New Year.

I think perhaps a bust for light relief will get my creative juices flowing again…

Until next time.