Hair, Hair and More Hair! (The Western Girl)

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Another small update on “The Western Girl”.

Not far to go now – the hair has taken a lot of time to get right and finding photographic reference to sculpt from has been very hard to source, however I chanced upon one image that was perfect and I have based the style upon that.

I’ve re-sculpted the hair on this bust three time over – but I now think that I have a very good approximation of what it was like. The lady in question had very long wavy locks, it was frizzy and in every photograph that I have come across it differs in length – that is the difficulty you face when you sculpt an interpretation  of a subject using multiple images (very much so if encompasses images from  persons  lifespan!) – but its also the challenge that keeps you going!

Not much to add in the initial sculpt, there is a medal to make plus the hat badge and buttons, but they are the final garnish, its time now to sharpened all the details up before putting it into primer.

I need to carve more definition into the locks of hair (so its not there 100% at the moment) but please let me know your thoughts on what I’ve done so far – is the hair right?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until the next time…

…wishing you all good health and happiness.



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Like everything we you’ve done, this is excellent….and amazing. I enjoy seeing the progress from photo to photo. Thanks for posting, and count me in on two copies, please.

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