I received a lovely email from  Norman Otty regarding  the Amy Johnson casting he got a while back – pleased to say that he has sent a photo of his finished work and its a pleasure to share with you.  Excellent brush work Norman!

This email is a timely reminder that I must get back the workbench.

Looking back it has been over seven months since I have posted on this website and over eight months since I have moved any clay around!

The reason why?

Although there has been a lot going on in the Odell family world (we saw the arrival of our first grandchild on the last day of 2016) and the day job is as busy as ever, I have to admit that simply the creative juices dried up. Thankfully this time it will not be the 20+ year break like last time and I am planning a day at the workbench this weekend!

As to the Sherlock sculpt?

It will be finished before I go on to anything else, but as to casting and making it available – its a matter of watching this space – as I need to regain the joy in my work again without the thought of deadlines and processing orders for a while.

So please bear with me as I get back into the swing of things.

Until the next time…

…wishing you all good health and happiness.