Amy Johnson – Painted by Randy Myers

I’m delighted to say that Randy Myers has painted a casting of my Amy Johnson bust. I was alerted to the fact by Steve Lloyd of Flat Tin Figures who kindly donated his casting to Randy  when he showed great interest in it at a recent SCAHMS meeting. Randy has done a magnificent job of bringing Amy to life and I would love to share the results with you all.



Thank you Steve for being so generous and congratulations to Randy on a masterful job!


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  1. I met Randy at my first SCAHMS meeting around 8 years ago. For show-and-tell, he brought a 54mm Civil War figure. Nothing was painted. I wondered why he brought it unpainted, what was there to tell? When it came time for him to speak, he informed us that he had sculpted the piece. I could not believe it. I had never given a thought to sculpting, just painting. Randy is an excellent sculptor. I say all that to say that when a sculptor likes another sculptor’s work, it must be something special. Randy and his wife, Cathy, loved “Amy.” They like the figure a lot! …and he painted her beautifully. When you combine a great sculpt with a great painter, what’s not to like? Congratulations to Rich and Randy.

  2. Randy Myers

    Thank you Rich! Your sculpt is lovely and doesn’t require painting to admire. Thanks also to Steve for encouraging me to take an artistic stretch I might not have made without his generosity.

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