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Hi everyone, as many of you know 2018 has been a tough year for me. Back in February this year I had a TIA (a mini stroke); totally unexpected and it forced me to take sick leave from my job for over two months. I am pleased to say that I am back to good health with the right medication finally prescribed.

So why am I telling you this? Well … back in 2017 you may remember I announced that “for the foreseeable future” I would be giving up sculpting (due to many personal reasons); after the afore mentioned bad health I’ve had a long period to re-evaluate the time I have left on this planet and I’ve decided life’s to short to not follow that which you makes you whole. The decision has been made to fulfil a number of desires, firstly to continue the sculpting and secondly to write a novel. So the emphasise is changing on this blog a little, it’s not going to be solely about my sculpting work, it will also a record my journey as writer learning his craft.

I’m the best part of seven months into the planning of my novel and realistically I know that I could be at least two years from seeing it completed, but its an idea that has been floating around in my head now for over twenty years and the time is right to put it into words. I would love to tell you what the novel is about, but after reading an article about  the novelist Wilbur Smith this section resonated with me …

(advice from his agent)

His publisher and later agent, Charles Pick, gave him advice he never forgot: “Write for yourself, and write about what you know best.” Pick also advised: “Don’t talk about your books with anybody, even me, until they are written.” Smith has said that, “Until it is written a book is merely smoke on the wind. It can be blown away by a careless word.”

Sound advice that from the outset I have adhered to (not even telling my nearest and dearest).

So as to the sculpting?

I will be finishing the Sherlock Holmes relief sculpt that I started back in 2016 (I know, how time flies!). It will be a month before I have a workspace to begin sculpting (due to my daughter and her family staying with us between house moves), so it’s a matter of finding the sculpt, the tools and discovering if my clay is still usable?

As to producing castings?

I will not be making any promises about this, one of the main reasons for giving up last year was financial circumstances; if once the sculpt is finished and I have enough interest, I may take on pre-orders.

Whilst I realised a lifetime goal of producing a range of castings, it proved to be a loss to me financially; reason being is that the market for this work is so small that the sales would not even cover the material cost, let alone the man hours spent sculpting. So this time, I’m sculpting for pure pleasure, if I have enough interest to back it’s production, then all well and good.

So – for the time being, it’s planning and writing, with the joy of sculpting to look forward to. I hope you like the new layout for the website and if you wish to see the older posts please click the link in the menu for the old site.

Until the next time … wishing you all good health and happiness.


5 thoughts on “Gearing Up …

  1. Rich, I am glad to hear that you are on the better side of your TIA, and that you are at a place in your life where you feel like sculpting again. You do such great work. I will also he first in line to read your book. One day at a time, my friend.

    1. Many thanks Steve – the stroke has certainly put things into a new perspective and forced many life changes; I’m thankful that it was just a shot across the bows and not full blown disability!

  2. Rich when I retired from the U.S.Navy in 1983. I too wanted to publish my book a family genealogy. Well it took awhile to do the research,but in 2010 I published my family history in North America covering the period of 1710-1930. So even an old Navy guy who dropped out of high school, did it. I’m sure you can do it as well. I you cast Holmes I still want one. Best of luck my friend

    1. Hi Wayne, it’s encouraging to know that someone has written later in life and seen it come to fruition, you have my admiration. Like you I did not go onto further education, so it has been seven months of learning to touch type and relearn basic grammar (it could be another years before I even make sense of it all?), but I’m enjoying it immensely and after all, that is point of it.

      It would be great to get Sherlock finished, watch this space …

      1. You can do it one page at a time, I’m now 73 and working on the 2nd edition of my book while painting,and model building.

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